Glass Menagerie – Hobby

Generally speaking, there are certain things people have to do — sleep, eat, go to work or to school. But that still leaves quite a few hours in the day free. Rather than just sleeping or eating more, people usually find something they like to do — a hobby. In The Glass Menagerie, Laura likes to collect little glass animals. Her brother, Tom, likes to go to the movies. What do you like to do?


Your assignment is to write about your hobby — something you like to do in your spare time.  You can write, make a youtube video or do something creative on your blog.


Perhaps you have a collection of some sort: baseball cards, stamps, cans, bottle caps, post cards, etc.  Maybe you like to build models, work on cars, listen to music,  participate in a sport, or play a musical instrument. Whatever your hobby is or whatever you like to do will be the topic of your presentation on your blog. Perhaps there is some hobby you would like to become involved with but have never taken the time to look in to it. Here is your chance. If you want to, you may make your presentation about a hobby you would be interested in acquiring.

The Girl in the Window

Many of the books we do this year are of a depressing nature but we can say to ourselves they are only fiction. I would like you to read a true story that was brought to the attention of the public only three years ago. It is a true story about a girl that is truly heartbreaking. After reading ,  please give your thoughts on the article.

The Girl in the Window

The Girl in the Window alternate site