Master Harold – The Color Purple

Hally and Sam have a heated debate over who in history should be considered “great” or a “Man of Magnitude”–someone who has had a positive and significant impact on the world.  Hally believes it is Charles Darwin, the scientist who gave us the theory of evolution which explains, among other things, the scientific reasons for our existence on Earth.  Sam retorts that Abraham Lincoln is his “Man of Magnitude.”

Who would you pick as your person of “magnitude”?


In tracing the life of one woman, Celie, from the early 1900s to the mid−1940s, The Color Purple reveals the harsh emotional, social, and economic difficulties facing blacks (especially women) in the rural South during the first half of the twentieth century. Just as important, it traces how these difficulties can be at least partly resolved by hard work, faith (in oneself, if not in God), and education.

Is there someone you know, who may not be famous, but has overcome difficulties that you admire?