Antigone was a selfless person with pride as a strong characteristic of her personality. She possibly had feelings of loneliness and anger from the way society has looked upon her family from their past. It took a strong willed person who has no fear of the repercussions to stand up to a king as she did.

Think of a situation where you think you or someone else stood up for what they believed in.


Antigone contrasts two types of law and justice: divine or religious law on one hand, and the law of men and states on the other.

Do you believe we still have these types of conflicts in modern times?Explain.

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Seniors – 1984

Read two of the following articles about 1984.

In a well developed reaction response react to the article.

On Privacy and Other Orwellian Themes:

2013 | U.S. Is Secretly Collecting Records of Verizon Calls

2013 | U.S. Confirms That It Gathers Online Data Overseas

2013 | Obama Calls Surveillance Programs Legal and Limited

2013 | In U.S., News of Surveillance Effort Is Met With Some Concern but Little Surprise

2013 Op-Ed | Intelligence for Dummies

2013 | Op-Ed | Peeping Barry

2013 | Teacher Knows if You’ve Done the E-Reading

2013 | Staying Private on the New Facebook

2012 | ‘Big Brother’? No, It’s Parents

2012 | How Big Data Became So Big

2011 | Court Case Asks if ‘Big Brother’ Is Spelled GPS

2011 | Questions for Amazon on Privacy and the Kindle Fire

2011 | You’re Mad! You’re On YouTube!

2010 | Little Brother Is Watching

2010 | Officials Push to Bolster Law on Wiretapping

2010 | Little Brother is Watching

2010 | The Web Means the End of Forgetting

2010 | How Privacy Vanishes Online

2009 | Plays Big Brother With Famous E-Books

2007 | Interrogation Methods are Criticized

2002 | You are a Suspect